Who We Are

           Central Christian Church is a community that eagerly welcomes people of every generation, background and circumstance. Our goal is to connect everyone to Jesus and his Mission. It’s a simple concept, but we’re pouring everything we have into it and having a lot of fun along the way!

          At Central Christian, we’ve given up the illusion of perfection because pretending is way too hard. Instead, we struggle together to sincerely look, love and live like Jesus. When we miss, we lean on God’s generous grace – and we try to share grace with others. We would like to be known for welcoming anyone, challenging everyone, and surprising people in all the right ways. Most of all, we want to make God proud.

          If we specialize in anything, it is helping you move forward in your journey with God, no matter where you are now. Whether you are only beginning to ask spiritual questions, or trying to go deep, we can help.